Knowledge is power. So self-awareness then, is the key that unlocks the possibility for change. It is both that simple yet not quite that easy. I LOVE the energy when a client makes a connection or gains a new insight, there’s an excitement and hope in better understanding ourselves that helps propel us forward. Once we become aware of our issues we then have the power to change them.

Self-awareness can mean a lot of things. To me, one important part of self-awareness is being attentive to what is coming up for you. This could be better understanding your emotions, knowing what things might be a trigger for feeling anxious or feeling sad, or knowing what those emotions feels like in your body. Once you’ve identified these things you can be on the lookout for them. In this way, you take back the power and can be more in control of your emotions. Yes, emotions can still blindside us sometimes, but self-awareness can certainly help this to happen less often or allow you to notice what's happening and adjust a lot sooner.

Self-awareness can also mean answering that question of who am I? Clearly defining who I am gives direction for where I want to go. So get to know yourself and start working on the relationship with yourself.. How do we do that? For each person it’s different. But I suggest starting with asking yourself what makes me feel alive? What am I really passionate about? And simply do more of that! This may change and evolve, so it’s ok if you don’t have the answer. Maybe it’s reconnecting with something you used to enjoy, challenging yourself to try something new or find a new hobby. Journaling and meditation are also great ways of getting in touch with yourself.

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