Reflecting on 2017

I’ve been meaning to write, but being a working mom is a balancing act I’m still mastering. Maybe my blog has been infrequent this year, but I can accept that and maybe I can make more room for writing in 2018. As I sit here rocking my sweet little boy, I’m reflecting on how much has changed this year. I grew a human, I became a mom and my life has changed forever. This Year has come with many challenges, more than I’d like to admit sometimes, because I’m so blessed and this should be such a happy time (there’s that word should) so I’m left feeling bad or guilty when I want to complain that I’m tired or it’s stressful. Well, hey, sometimes life is stressful! And guess what? It’s ok to admit that and own that! If we can acknowledge difficult feelings it takes away their power and we are able to be more in control rather than allowing those feeling to control us.

So on this last day of the year, Let’s take a look at 2017. Decide what we would like to leave behind as we move on to a new year. What lessons learned can we bring with us into 2018? What goals might we want to set for ourselves as we embark on a new year. And we do this not because it’s the new year and we need to make any resolutions, but just because this is a natural time to reflect and reset. Which, by the way, we should do frequently throughout the upcoming year. Good reflection is about growth and moving forward, it is not a time to judge or be hard on ourselves. So I invite you to take some time today to reflect and be kind to yourself through this process.


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