Change Your Morning, Change Your Day...

How we start our morning sets the tone for the day. Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the whole day just seems to go that way? In the same way, if you have a great morning you can bring that energy into the rest of your day. If you take an honest look at your morning routine, are there places you can reduce the chaos? Below are just some tips you might consider, but feel free to come up with your own ideas that fit your lifestyle and comment below!

  • Morning Meditation: Begin the day with a meditation, by doing this you can start the day calmly and set an intention for the day. If you have a tendency to be sleepy in the morning you can add movement or yoga to this or do it while sitting with your tea or coffee to avoid falling back to sleep.

  • Breakfast: Your first meal will fuel you for the day so choose wisely! Make sure to have something nutritious that will keep you full for the morning. On the go? You might skip the cooking but you don’t have to skip breakfast!

  • Exercise: Get Moving and get your workout crossed off your list early in the day. Whether its going for a run, hitting the gym, or doing a workout video at home, starting the day with exercise will kick start your metabolism and leave you feeling energized for the day.

  • Delete Distractions: Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through your emails or social media only to realize you should’ve left the house 10 minutes ago? Or maybe you watch the news or tv while getting ready and you get sucked in? Get rid of these time-sucks, there will be plenty of time throughout the day to be wired in so try removing this from the morning and see what a difference it can make!

  • Stop Rushing: Are you rushing out the door or sitting in traffic when there’s only 5 minutes left to get to work? Waking up or leaving the house even just 15 minutes earlier can make the world of difference. You’ll feel there is time to get where you’re going and feel ready to tackle the day when you get there!

  • Writing: Create a list of things you want to do for the day or journal on what you feel grateful for. This quiet activity will help you organize your thoughts and bring this creative energy to the day.

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